Cassia & Star Anise Crop in Vietnam

Cassia crop in Vietnam

Vietnam Cassia has 2 growing seasons, the main season is the spring on Mar, Apr, May and the other season on Aug, Sep, Oct. The first crop of 2022 will be croped in the middle of March. At the moment, the quantity of cassia is harvested quickly by farmers. The quantity of the first crop (in March) is expected to reach 30.000 tons to 50.000 tons.


Star Anise Crop in Vietnam:

There are 2 main crops: spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October). The spring crop begins in February (i.e., January of the lunar calendar). Special this year according to the actual situation from our suppliers, the output of this spring crop will be 2 times compared to last year’s, due to a high percentage of fructification, and farmers planned to crop early. At this moment, the quantity of star ansie is harvested quickly by farmers. The expected croping season starts from February 10, 2022 (after the Lunar New Year). According to suppliers’ research, this year’s output is more than the spring crop in 2021. The output is planned to be about 15,000 tons – 17,000 tons.The estimated output reported by suppliers is based on the actual quantity of each exporter from the previous crop.